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Advanced Women’s Care: Contraceptives in Pensacola, FL

For sexually-active Pensacola, FL women, it is critical to use the correct birth control, as it helps prevent pregnancy before you are ready for it. We are licensed to prescribe all forms of birth control. With that license comes an understanding of the side effects of each option. We want to make sure what you choose is the healthiest choice possible. That’s why Advanced Women’s Care is trusted for contraceptives in Pensacola, FL.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Contraceptives to Our Patients

At Advanced Women’s Care, we believe in providing you with as many options as we can. Not all birth control methods are created equal. For instance, while implants and IUDs are both 99 percent effective against unwanted pregnancies, they carry risks with them and might not be right for everyone. Visiting our office and speaking with our practitioners will help you decide which contraceptive is right for you. We’ll be sure to give you unbiased and medically-sound advice. Contraceptive methods include:


Implants are 99 percent effective and last up to five years. Not everyone is a candidate for implants, so be sure to ask one of our medical staff members whether implants are right for you.


IUDs last anywhere from three to 12 years and are 99 percent effective against unwanted pregnancies.

Birth control shot

You’ll have to receive a new shot every three months, but the birth control shot is 94 percent effective.

The pill

As long as you take the pill each day, it will be up to 91 percent effective against unplanned pregnancy. Missed doses increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

The patch

Replace your patch every week so it remains 91 percent effective, as it should be.

Vaginal ring

Each month, you’ll need to replace your vaginal ring. However, if you do, it carries with it a 91 percent effective rate.


Condoms are 85 percent effective, but they must be properly applied and used every time to remain effective.


Spermicides aren’t as effective as other birth control options. It’s best to talk with a doctor at Advanced Women’s Care about other methods. They are 71 percent effective and must be used every time.

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For women who can’t afford medical treatment, we have a robust outreach program designed to ensure women of all income levels have access to quality healthcare. To learn more about Advanced Women’s Care’s outreach program and services, call today and schedule an appointment.

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