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Ileana Bernal-Blair is the newest edition to the Advance Women’s Care family. Dr. Bernal-Blair is a native of Pensacola. She graduated from our very own Pensacola High Scholl IB program. She went straight to the University of Florida and received her Bachelors is Science and Medical School at Ponce School of Medicine and received her Doctor of Medicine. Dr Bernal-Blair completed her residency at the University of Health in Shreveport, Louisiana. She has been in practice since 2017 and joined our practice in 2021. She lives in Pensacola with her husband and 2 children. She loves spending time with her family and enjoying the white sands of our gorgeous beaches.

Dr Bernal-Blair’s passion is adult women’s health as they age and stay healthy after menopause. She values the importance of talking to her patients, discussing risk and benefits of non-interventional therapies versus interventional therapy, major risk factors in lifestyle changes, reducing stress, and healthy weight balance. She performs surgeries at Baptist Hospital and Sacred Heart Hospital. Dr Bernal- Blair also delivers babies at both hospitals. You can make an appointment today to discuss issues, get your annual, and order preventive screens.

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